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Ways to save costs of translations

Here is a list of things that you can do to help us help you:

  • Clearly state all your needs for the translated document, such as the marketing target of the business and whether something can be translated quite loosely, as may be suitable for marketing texts for example, or any other request that might help our team adapt to your needs. Avoid sentences that are too long.
  • Everything starts with the original text; clear and understandable because, for an accurate translation, it is better to have a well-written, edited and proofread text. Sometimes it is useful to know the general education level of the target group.
  • Make clear statements – follow good grammar rules.
  • By providing references for out-of-context phrases and specialized in-house terminology you can help in the development of the translation.
  • Be careful with noun strings – it is better to avoid having more than three nouns in a row.
  • It is better to avoid special characters such as & for and, # for number and so on.
  • Be sure to use a spell-checker before you finalize your document.
  • Text in graphics must be accessible for editing.

Following these rules will certainly help to reduce the cost and duration of your translation projects, and will, moreover, ensure greater accuracy, and in addition you will have the appreciation of our translators and editors.

To make it even easier, particularly if the contents need to be translated into different languages, here are some tips that could help to reduce the costs of your translation process.

  1. Change only what is necessary.
  2. Avoid making revisions for cosmetic and stylistic reasons. Here are some examples:

    Changing active/passive voice:
    - Frank made the coffee for us.
    - The coffee was made for us by Frank.

    Changing capitalization and punctuation:
    - IMPORTANT: read and understand the owner's manual.
    - Important - read and understand the owner's manual.
  3. In certain situations, some revisions the new information will be in separate sections, which will give you the opportunity to send the document destined for translation in a separate file. People are usually surprised when they find out that the translation of revised content in a simple style costs more than they were expecting.

If you remember our tips, you will get the service you need for a reasonable price.



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